Computer Posture And A Good Computer Ergonomy

Computer posture problems made me suffer from terrible back pains until I learnt how to maintain a correct computer posture through workplace ergonomics and using tools such as an ergonomic keyboard .As a result of maintaining a correct computer posture I have been able to cure such pains. Not a long time ago I used to visit the chiropractor on a regular basis for a back massage which would reduce the pain and discomfort that I used to feel nonstop in my back ,including the upper back and the shoulder muscles.

Needles to say these visits were costing me and fortune and, although they provided a temporary solution to my aches, they were not an effective long term solution for my back aches. Fortunately I came across a yoga and Pilates book during a day that I went shopping for a novel at the book store which stressed proper computer posture techniques which promised to reduce back pains. I thought that I had nothing to loose as the book was very cheap so I bought it and I immediately went home to read it. The correct computer postures which were listed on this book seemed very easy to do, so the next morning as I was sitting on my desk at my office I decided to give them a try. Indeed after only one week of prating correct sitting postures my back was feeling a lot better and I started to experience a feeling of relaxation and calm throughout the day which none of the massages of the chiropractor had been able to give to me. I even get mad at myself for spending so much money on those massages which only helped me for a couple of hours instead of having thought about an alternative solution to curing my back pains such as yoga, Pilates, and maintaining a correct computer posture.

Now I realize how much my back and shoulder aches were impeding me from correctly performing my work, as I used to find it very hard to concentrate on whichever activity or task I was performing while being under such a huge discomfort. I underestimated the positive impacts that maintaining a proper computer posture would have on my back, luckily I eventually changed this way of acting and of thinking and I decided to give proper computer posture its due importance. Now I would say that pretty much every single moment that I am sitting in front of my desk I am focusing on maintaining a proper computer posture which will promote by back health and improve the quality of my work. If any man who sufferers from the same back pains that I used to and who works eight hours in front of a computer as I do should seek my advise I would tell him that the optimal procedure to follow for getting better is to maintain correct computer posture.

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