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Computer Posture RSI – Help and support

We endeavor to help people with Computer Posture RSI issues. This not for profit site was founded by an IT professional who found his professional IT career was stopped in its tracks after developing a chronic RSI condition. He was shocked that he’d had no previous warning of this and wanted to make others aware and to show how to avoid chronic pain and having to change career like he has had to.

Computer Posture website is all about helping computer users avoid pain from computer posture related injuries (RSI - repetitive strain injury). And, if you’re already in pain, we explain what is going on and show what may help you. Your posture is where it all begins and ends. Poor posture and badly designed but ubiquitous equipment will eventually causes your body to tell you that it has had enough by giving you pain.

The pain bucket!

bucket alhovik 123RF Stock Photo 9690142_sPain associated with your computer posture may be visualised as a bucket that fills up with different factors from your body and environment. It is often a combination of factors that fill your bucket and when it overflows you become aware of pain.

Factors that fill up your 'pain bucket' (potential RSI causes):-

  • Slouching at you desk, poor posture whilst standing or walking - these are unconscious habits learned over years but there are ways of addressing them
  • Overusing some muscles and under-using others during you work - the type of mice and keyboards you are using are the largest contributor to these issues
  • Stresses in your work and outside of work - stress causes you to tense up unconsciously
  • Poor overall health, lack of exercise, being overweight - the simple act of walking with both arms swinging normally is surprisingly therapeutic for your muscles and tendons.

Good posture

Good posture when standing or walking is best thought of by imagining a sergeant major on the parade ground shouting at the troops "shoulders back, chest out, stomach in!" Ideally we want that sort of posture but not with the damaging tension associated with being stood to attention. The best posture is found when the sergeant major shouts "stand easy!" at that point, the soldiers have relaxed muscles but are still maintaining a good posture.

Whilst sitting at a computer you should still have your shoulders back and a spine that curves backwards from the small of your back to your shoulders. How your arms are positioned in relation to your body and in terms of twisting is crucial.

See our Good Computer Posture guide for details

What's in our website

We explain how conventional keyboards and mice are typically the cause of poor posture which leads to pain. The term 'ergonomic' is used too casually and often wrongly and that includes some of the big name brands too! We show you how to set up your computer working position and how to change some of the small things around your work to take away the added trouble factors that you may be unaware of.

Our Health & Safety Employers Guide on RSI in the Workplace will help employers searching for pointers in looking after their employees.

UK, USA and Canadian visitors are accommodated in our Ergonomic equipment - RSI Store which has many helpful products and aids to help you. Businesses can also get great discounts and bulk purchase ergonomic equipment from a specialist supplier. We are 'not for profit' and are supported through small commissions earned when you buy through our links so please consider this when buying if you find our information helpful, thank you!

We even have information to help those of you who may have 'tried everything' but are still troubled with pain. Techniques such as MindBody syndrome treatment (aka TMS) and Alexander Technique can be helpful.

Above all, don't despair! Don't ignore your pain...act on it now! Get a diagnosis and we can help you protect your body from further damage.